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Stop anti-British hate preacher, Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, from entering UK.

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Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, Imam of the Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque and a former Grand Mufti, is planning a visit to the United Kingdom from September 11th, 2017, in a bid to meet with Parliament.

His visit comes as part of a pro-Palestinian delegation organised by Europal, a group that organised another hate preacher, Dr Azzam Tamimi, to visit the UK earlier in 2017. The SNP, the organiser on that occasion, was forced to back down after it was revealed that Tamimi was a radical advocate of terrorism and had expressed a desire to become a suicide bomber some day.

This latest visit invites Sabri, who was quoted in a 2001 radio address as saying, “Allah, destroy the U.S., its helpers and its agents. Allah, destroy Britain, its helpers and its agents. Allah, prepare those who will unite the Muslims and march in the steps of Saladin.”.

Sabri is a known holocaust denier, stating to an Italian newspaper, “Six million Jews dead? No way, they were much fewer. Let’s stop with this fairytale exploited by Israel to capture international solidarity.”.

His other twisted views include praising child martyrdom and mothers using their young children for suicide missions, as well as ongoing and open criticism and hatred of Jews.

Sabri was removed from Palestinian state office, by leader Mahmoud Abbas, after his views were found to be too extreme, and he was banned from entering France in 2012.

This man is not welcome in the UK. He is a danger to UK security, and to the minds of young and vulnerable Muslims in communities where radicalisation is easily achieved due to already deep hatred towards western society. His views are not welcome in Parliament. The UK has long-held a policy of not negotiating with terrorists, and should make no exception on this occasion. 

Sign this petition now to ensure that the UK Border Force does not allow him into the UK, and to ensure that the UK Government is listening to the security concerns of the people that it represents.


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