No more social services kidnapping children FRANKEE'S LAW

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The social services are taking children away from there familys..some for good reason others for nothing. They need evidence of the abuse or neglect instead of lies made by the mother who has a mental illness or a social worker who cares more about her job than the safety of a baby. E. G my son.

Men get turned on every day in court and no matter what evidence they bring forward. They get lied about lied to and turned on. We need this to stop. 27 men a week die from suicide because of the situation they were forced into by the government and no one believes a guy when he says his ex is beating him... Even when we have the evidence. They still believe lies and wouldn't even look at my proof same goes for about 5000 other dads if not more in the same boat.

. This needs to change for our children and our grandchildren. We can do this if  we stick together and tell them enough is enough.

our kids needs frankees law to get in place so we have a right an a chance to change this world and to stop the illegal kidnapping going on every day by the government

Please bring our kids home. 


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