Government need to support Arts Organisations in C19 recovery

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Music, Art and Drama have supported many through the C19 crisis. The arts are part of the fabric of our society whether you go to see Shakespeare, visit the West End, listen to an orchestra live, visit an independent cinema, go to galleries or visit your local theatre to see a pantomime. Without action and support so much of this could be lost in the aftermath of C19.

Livelihoods depend on the arts industries. Musicians and Actors have mortgages or rent to pay and families to feed. But that's just the tip of the iceberg as thousands of technicians, front of house staff, productions staff and writers will be affected if the arts aren't protected. The arts industry is also worth millions to the UK economy.

We are appealing to the UK Government and the Secretary State for Culture Media and Sport to have a recovery plan for the arts industry so that we protect the cultural strength of our country and the income of thousands.

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