Ban Harry potter from schools for promoting negative Jewish stereotypes.

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*Trigger Warning* Mention of Nazis.

Within the Harry Potter Universe, there are many magical races. One of the more popular and well-known races is the Goblins. They are stereotyped as having big, hooked noses, and curly hair. They also work in banks and are greedy tricksters who will do anything for money.

Sound familiar? Yes, these are racist stereotypes of Jewish people. You might be thinking "but J.K. Rowling is racist/ a Nazi, she even went after Pewdiepie for being a Nazi", that's the thing about Nazis, they don't want others to know they are a Nazi.

Look at the images included of goblins from her movies. (Griphook and one of the bankers) As you can see they clearly display stereotypical Jewish features; large, hooked noses and curly "fro-like" hair. One of them (the banker) even appears to be sporting a Payot or sidelocks, a traditional Jewish hairstyle. 

Not only do they look like stereotypical jews they act like it. They work as bankers and are always concerned with money. Very rarely do you see a goblin anywhere but in a bank in Harry Potter. The most well-known goblin in Harry Potter, Griphook, has only a few interactions with Harry and Friends, one of which involves him tricking them and taking the sword of Gryffindor (a very expensive artifact) and leaving them trapped in a bank vault area. Also, the Floor of the Bank has a Star of David design.

These obvious depictions of Jewish stereotypes have fueled hateful "memes" about Jews using images of Harry Potter goblins. which I have included. Warning: they are very hateful.      


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