Greenwood "Black Wall Street" Massacre of 1921

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In 1921 the worst massacre in US history took place in the suburban town of Greenwood, Oklahoma. Ignorance set the prosperous African-American township ablaze when a mob of 15,000 men descended on Black Wall Street. Over 400 African Americans were murdered when bullets flew through their windows, bombs rained from the sky, and hateful men tied black bodies to their trucks and dragged them through the streets of Tulsa and the Greenwood district.

Sadly, the Tulsa Race Riot Commission refers to the event as a riot and not a massacre, which is seen by members of Tulsa's African-American community as coded or unclear language and perpetuates the tragic event as a riot which is factually incorrect; it was a massacre.

Therefore, we would like for the Tulsa Race Riot Commission to change its name, and its school curriculum, to massacre.