#GreenwichBottlesNoMore: Ban Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles In Greenwich Connecticut

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#GreenwichBottlesNoMore is a student-led movement to ban plastic water bottles in the Town of Greenwich Connecticut, USA. Plastic water bottles can cause, climate change, animal extinction, and a loss of human resources. 17 million barrels of oil are used to make just one year's worth of bottled water. Also, plastic water bottles release 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere each year. Plastic water bottles are thrown into the ocean where they break down into minuscule micro-plastics. Sealife then swallow the micro-plastics and die from eating the plastic. For example, sea turtles are endangered because of many things including digesting micro-plastics and climate change. Single-use plastic water bottles are a threat to the earth and its ecosystem. Anika, Kira, and Saachi are working to try and ban single-use plastic water bottles in the Town of Greenwich CT. Sign this petition as evidence that YOU support our cause!