Save The Legend of Pirates Online’s macOS support

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To whom it may concern,

For the past couple of months, the game The Legend of the Pirates Online (TLOPO) has become a huge part of my life. Yes, I realize this may sound cheesy, but it’s true. Not only was I able to replay a game from my childhood, I was given the opportunity to meet some amazing people that I’m proud to call my closest friends. This game has created a community full of loving people who all share the same passion for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and for Disney itself.

However, recently the community has received news of just how much work the game’s developers have put into ensuring that TLOPO is supported on macOS devices. Although they could have easily avoided countless hours of challenging work, the developers went out of their way to provide a high-quality experience for Mac users like myself, such as “[rewriting] a significant portion of [their] game engine” in order to “support macOs High Sierra”, as well as “developing a whole new runtime for the game” and “constantly making “changes to [their] code”.

Despite the developer’s hard work and dedication to ensure the TLOPO community can continue playing the game, Apple has decided to remove OpenGL, a graphics library widely used within the gaming industryfrom future macOS releases, completely disregarding third-party game developers and their own consumers. Not only will TLOPO be affected, but dozens of other games will begin to lose options to “keep Mac support alive”. Third-party game developers, such as those who work to bring us TLOPO, simply do not have the resources, nor energy,  to continue going out of their way to guarantee that their games will support macOS.

As a result, TLOPO has announced that official macOS support will not be provided if Apple does not begin working alongside of developers in a friendly and helpful manner. The TLOPO experience that Mac users have come to love will completely diminish within a matter of weeks if something is not done. Although users such as myself only make up less than half of the TLOPO community, it is still significant to everyone; in-game friends will lose contact, guild leaders and role models will go inactive without explanation, and worst of all, the community will be torn apart.

While I may not be an expert on computer software or game development, I strongly believe that OpenGL is vital to ensuring that developers and gamers all around the world have a community that they belong to. TLOPO isn’t “just a game” to some of us; it’s a vital part of our childhood, an escape from reality. We may be strangers in the real world, but online, we are a family, and we are determined to stay that way.

On behalf of the TLOPO community, I fully support OpenGL and ask that Apple, Inc reconsiders their removal of OpenGL in future macOS releases. This change is unfair to consumers who have done nothing but proven their loyalty and respect to Apple by purchasing such devices.

If this has not done enough to persuade you to do so, I, along with hundreds of other users, will not hesitate to take that same loyalty and respect to another company.

And with that being said, thank you for your time and consideration.

Darby, a loyal TLOPO player

Let it be know that this will be sent to Apple in due time. All I ask is that you stand with me, voice your own support, and share this message with the community. Thank you.