Swedish ISIS-members must be brought to justice

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It is estimated that since 2012, 300 swedish individuals has left Sweden to join jihadi-groups abroad. 80% of them joined ISIS. Some of the extremists have travelled back and forth between the conflict area and Sweden. Upon returning to Sweden most of them have not been prosecuted. As a swedish citizen I am ashamed of this callousness and apathy towards the victims of terrorism in the third world, we should not allow swedes to travel to other countries to commit atrocities and then go unpunished upon returning to sweden. 

Help bring redress to the victims of ISIS. By demanding that the swedish authorities attempt to prosecute these former jihadist under chapter 23, paragraph 2 of our penal code ("Brottsbalken"), under our law against terrorism ("Lag (2003:148) om straff för terroristbrott"), and/or our ban on genocide ("Lag (2014:406) om straff för folkmord, brott mot mänskligheten och krigsförbrytelser"). If none of these laws are applicable, then we demand that our parliament implement an amendment to our constitution - allowing for our recently writen law against "travels to commit terrorism" to have the unique quality of being applicable retroactively (since most perpetrators travelled before the law was put into place, in its current form it can not used for its intended purpose). This amendment is to be writen, so at to be uniquely applicable to the ban against terrorist travels, no other laws are to opened for retroactive usage. More details are explained here: https://tradetsmakadetorsdag.wordpress.com/2018/07/23/swedens-refusal-to-prosecute-isis-members/

There is nothing we can do to heal the wounds of those harmed, or undo their suffering. But allowing the perpetrators to go unpunished is further insult to injury.