Help get the Supreme Court to rule on James’ state enforced sex change

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The problem is that a six year old boy named James has a mother who is attempting to change his gender. She calls him Luna and insists that he is a girl. He is enrolled in 1st grade at Coppell Schools as a girl. He prefers to be called a boy. His father tried to fight this but the court ruled against him. James is getting a chemical castration at age 8. The court ruled that James’ father, a guy named Jeff, cannot tell him he is a boy or mention any religious teachings about gender or sexuality. Jeff has been accused of abuse.

This problem can be solved by it going to the highest court in the land. The Supreme Court needs to rule on this, as the local court had failed rule fairly.

Personal story
I am just a man who hates to see a mother forcefully, and against the wishes of both the boy and his father, change her son’s gender. I am against the court ruling in favor of his mother. I am against the essential state enforced sex change.