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Re: Writ of Mandamus #16-907

Dear Honorable Justices,

We the undersigned, as Citizens of the United States, contend that

There was nothing "Free" or "Fair" about the 2016 Presidential "Election".

Our country is in crisis, and we are passionately concerned about the undoing of Our American Democracy. The Writ of Mandamus referenced above is petitioning for the overturn of the 2016 Election. We do not ask for your consideration of this casually.

The reasons that this "Election" was illegitimate are numerous and undeniable.

We assert:

  • 17 governmental agencies have verified that the election was tainted by Russian interference. The fact that Russia interfered in our election has been proven.
  • That Russia had an active Campaign to favor Trump in our Election has been verified.
  • Regardless of Trump's complicity, our Election was breached.
  • Our constitution guarantees that the federal government protects states from invasion. A clear invasion of the U.S. cyber space occurred during our election.
  • NOT declaring this Election Illegitimate allows this erosion of our Democracy to stand.
  • A "Free & Fair Election" must  be the benchmark for every Election as this is foundational to everything America is built upon
  • Other countries have had their elections attacked by these same players. They immediately demanded & got New Elections. Americans deserve the same. A nullification of the 2016 Election is the first step.
  • The Supreme Court has the right to review classified, as well as unclassified documents pertaining to this matter, and indeed a responsibility to do so.

A full New Election, which is a global standard when an election has been compromised, is a feasible follow up remedy to this unconstitutional fail. We maintain that this is legally possible, and morally/democratically essential for our country's future.

The baton is in our hands, right now!

We owe it to our founders and our children to take the time to consider this vital matter.

Please Defend our Democracy.

Thank you for your most valuable time and consideration,



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