Save the Buddina Beach turtles

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Hi, my name is Eli. I’m 6 years old and I live at Buddina on the Sunshine Coast. I think this is the best beach in the world and is even more amazing because we have endangered Loggerhead Turtles nesting on our beach. I’ve been lucky enough to watch them hatch and see all the baby hatchlings make their way down to the ocean. It’s pretty special.

The Loggerhead Turtle is endangered and their numbers are declining. Buddina is a really important nesting spot for these turtles to make sure they don’t become extinct. We have over 20% of the Sunshine Coast Loggerhead turtle nests right here.

But our turtles are in danger. Developers want to build high rises at Buddina. There is a development application being considered by the Sunshine Council right now!!

High rises will stop the turtles nesting on our beach. Turtles like to nest on quiet, dark beaches, and the lights from high rises can drive them away. Also, the babies get distracted and disorientated by high rise building lights, and then they don’t make it to the ocean after they hatch.

Please help me by signing this petition to the Sunshine Coast Council. I want to stop this development application, and all high-rises being built at Buddina. Please help me save the turtles!

P.S. My mum said to remind everyone that if you want to leave a comment, please make sure your comments are constructive. I’m not exactly sure what that means but I’m guessing it means don’t use naughty words and don’t be mean.