Save Kathy Soderholm From Being Fired

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Before I begin, I would like to put forth the fact that I had been planning on writing an extensive article about the administration of Wilton High School last year following my graduation solely on its horrific state and staff. I had a deep hatred for it, but I willingly took a step away and left it behind.

I am now writing this, not even a year later, for the fact that Kathy Soderholm, my former AP Computer Science teacher and amazing friend, is being fired.

I’m sure many people that were there during my senior year could agree that the level of competence of the administration was remarkably low. The number of things that occurred throughout that year that weren’t punished is far beyond what any of you could possibly imagine. It was often complete chaos, and that is the fault of the administration. The fact that these incompetent, inadequate individuals want to fire one of WHS’s most beloved teachers on the grounds of ”un- professionalism” is an absolute outrage and an act of complete hypocrisy.

Kathy Soderholm. This woman is one of the few teachers at WHS that truly had an impact on my life. That is not to say that there are not a number of great teachers within the school, but she is one that taught me lessons that carried into the real world and interactions with others, which is something that many teachers fail to do. Her class was much more open than others; yet, it did not inhibit people from learning the course material. She is also one of the sweetest staff members, and was extremely inviting and open in terms of offering help to students who needed it. She treats her students as people, and gives them the respect that they deserve. Not only did Mrs. Soderholm take up AP Computer Science only a few short days before my senior year had started (as no other teacher offered, allowing for myself and a dozen others to take the class), but she also taught it decently well. Many of the students in my class did a fair job, and out of the ones that took that AP exam, I know of at least one or two who scored a perfect 5. I am also aware that all business classes were required to take a standardized test (which I also took) and the average score in her classes were higher than other teacher’s class averages in the past.

There is a great love for Mrs. Soderholm throughout the school. I do not know any other teacher who is as widely-beloved. Last year, I would see students from her classes 2-3 years prior still visiting her and talking to her as if they were close friends. She is a friend to all. I, nor many other current students of WHS, will not stand for her termination of employment. Out of all the injustices that have occurred as a result of the administration since its new staff last year (which amounts to an astronomical level), this is by far the greatest.

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