Fair bathroom use and regulation

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For the past month at Weymouth Highschool there has only been 1 bathroom per floor open each day for over 2,000 people ( Students, Staff& Faculty) in the building. More recently, within the past week they have placed teachers outside each bathroom to sign you in and out and to basically time you. This is a huge inn convince for EVERYONE. It takes over 10 minutes to go find an open rest room, wait in line to use it, and then walk all the way back to class. Placing teachers literally  in front of the restrooms is also very uncomfortable for both the teachers and students. Teachers should be able to enjoy their free/ prep periods and should not be babysitting us going to the bathroom. Personally I think this is beyond ridiculous. It is an invasion of privacy and literally a problem. I will be waiting in line so long to have to go to the bathroom. Students with medical issues also personally feel hurt by this and made uncomfortable. If your in the bathroom for literally more than 2 minutes you are ridiculed or deal with some sarcastic comment. The other day, there were 6 GIRLS waiting to use the girls room in our maroon building because there was only 1 bathroom open in that WHOLE building. There was no boys in the boys room and one girl had to go so bad so she simply went into the boys room. THIS IS RIDICULOUS AND SUCH A VIOLATION OF CIVIL RIGHTS?? There should be more than 5 bathrooms open for over 1,000 students. You cannot go use another buildings bathroom because security, or other teachers won’t let you. Over all the school is beyond frustrated with this new process. Please sign this petition to open more bathrooms in our school and try and find a different more comfortable way to monitor bathrooms.