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Stop the animal cruelty at bluepearl emergency vet!

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Bluepearl is a place where they perform cruel and horrible treatment to animals. They are money driven. They don’t care about animals. They need to have their doors closed. I have done a lot of research on this business and seen that all of their locations seem to partake in cruel and unusual treatment to animals. 

 I had my own experience on January 24,2018 when i took my heart and soul into their facility in Franklin, TN for emergency care. Here is a summary of my story(this is as much as i can talk about right now. It is very painful as it is new). 

My story

My vet told me two hours before going to bluepearl my dog was suffering from heart failure. We took X-rays and blood work. We arrived at bluepearl and they told me without doing any testing that they did not believe it was heart failure. They thought maybe pneumonia and did not give her anymore diuretics or anything!!! No pain meds, no anti anxiety meds!! Refused to let me give her her insulin even though she was diabetic and her glucose levels were skyrocketing!! They gave me hope though!! They first made me agree to retake X-rays and have them submitted to an outside radiologist for an extra 200 fee because they are not on site (no one on site can read an X-ray???). (Later on i was billed to have someone on site to also view the X-ray but was not told). $500 total plus $95 hospital fee at this point. Never saw these X-rays. Dr came in and said that she has fluid around her heart(same thing my vet said and saw on previous X-rays) and that her heart was enlarged(again same thing as vet, nothing new). She said they would need to do a series of tests and untrasounds and on and on because it may be blood clots in the heart but it may be pneumonia but it may be heart problems but they had no idea. They refuse to let me see her and still refuse to give her any kind of medications to keep her comfortable. They even refuse to let me bring her bed in from my car so she would have something familiar or her food. I ask what is her life expectancy (vet gave me one year with meds with heart failure once stable). They said i have no idea and said you just need to approve all the work. We will get the work order for you. I asked if i could see her and see how she was and they repeated a firm NO! And no bed and no meds!! My dog is suffering!!!! She cannot breathe!! She is also deaf and blind and has horrible anxiety when she is away from home and me. That is why i wanted her to at least have her bed to have some comfort. But got a firm NO at least five or six times by now in maybe an hours time.
My family knew this visit would be pricey and our love for Bella if needed we would have taken a second mortgage on our house. Money to have our bella home with us was never an issue and never brought up between me and my husband. Before i left for the vet my husband gave me his credit card and said i don’t want you to worry about money. Just take care of our Bella. They brought in the “clip board”(I never want to see a clipboard with a pen again after this). My mouth dropped with all of these tests they planned to run on my girl not even knowing and wondering why aren’t they starting with one???? They wanted $6000 for the testing, $1500 for 8 hours in an oxygen cage and antibiotics and then the permission to spend 20% over that without my permission. We are looking at close to $10000 for less than 24 hours. I just left my vet with a $700 bill where they did blood work, X-rays and diuretics over and over with constant care and had her on oxygen the whole time. I know it is emergency care so i know it will be more. And she then explains to me that this is the start. After this the next day we would have to see the radiologist and then the cardiologist and meds and this and that and we would not be able to take Bella from their facility for “weeks”. I said are you serious???? My heart and stomach dropped. I was light headed. I almost fainted and all i could do was was sob out loud. The dr looked at me like i was insane and just said are you going to sign or what? I couldn’t even answer. I said i don’t know what to do. I asked her what to do. She said just sign it. I said what is the cost to take care of her tonight so i can talk to my husband she rolled her eyes and said i will get it for you. She came back in with another clipboard. This one was $2300 with the permission to spend 20% more without my permission. I was shocked to just keep her on oxygen for maybe eight hours would be that cost??? I could barely catch my breath and said i needed to call my husband. She left the room without a word. I had to get my own tissues (which they were out of in that room. I had to use paper towels that i ended up getting dry patches all over my face from). I called my husband screaming crying. He was in complete shock. He thought there was a chance Bella would be coming home that night after hearing it was probably not heart failure and probably pneumonia. It went from hope to this. He told me again do whatever it takes to bring her home. I said she is not coming home. She’s never coming home. I hate this place and it is the coldest group of monsters. He thought maybe i was just upset. During this ten minute conversation the front desk staff comes in the room over five times and asks me if i have signed yet? I finally snap and scream at them and say i am talking to my husband!!! He said let me talk to the dr and work out a plan of recovery. I went to the desk and asked for the dr and told them my husband would like to discuss this with her. They rolled their eyes at me and said we will see if we can find her. No one else was even there!!! I go back to the room where the dr comes a few minutes later. I give her my phone and my husband talks to her. I am weeping and falling apart while i watch her roll her eyes the entire time she is on the phone with my husband and she goes in circles with him and refuses to answer any of his questions. She just wants to tell him over and over that i need to sign and how much it is. I hear him saying over and over “you have to be kidding me” and “are you serious” as she robotically goes into her circles of pricing. She then says we can also euthanize. I know at this point my baby is never going to make it and they aren’t going to release her to us. I can’t leave her. I talk to my husband again and he tells me again i don’t care how much it is just bring her home. I know it is not going to happen and they are monsters that will suck us dry and kill her in the end and that is their plan. They are robotic monsters. We decide instead of leaving her to die alone with these monsters to put her to sleep. I ah e never been faced with such pain in my life. I tell them our decision. I immediately ask if i can be with her now. They say calm down we will let you back there when we are ready!!! I ask can you give her some pain meds/anxiety meds we will pay for it. They say NO! I am so angry and so upset i am shaking and can barely stand. I am sitting in this cold room by myself. Ten minutes later they come get me and lead me to an even colder place. And then bring my Bella girl in. She won’t sit and is anxious and is wagging her tail to see me. I am holding her around her neck and hugging and kissing her and proclaiming my love for her. Telling her how sorry i am. I keep asking her is she doing anything and she doesn’t say anything. All of a sudden my Bella collapses on me like a bag of potatatoes. Dead weight. Stiff. I can barely move. I can’t take my hands off her. I can’t stop telling her i love her between breaths and how sorry i am. I feel like i have let her down, i have let my family down. I have let myself down. I love my baby girl. My heart and soul. Her wagging tail is no longer wagging. It is still. Everything is still. I was never warned. I was never told anything. The dr then stands and listens to her heart and says she is cold. I say she’s what. She looks at me like i am completely stupid and says she’s done, she’s gone. And then says are you ready to leave. I said no. I cry and love my sweet angel as long as i can because i know if i stand i am going to collapse and i don’t want to leave her. I am in disbelief. I can’t stop crying and shaking. I finally get up and the dr said the doors right there. I exit through the lobby and here the whole staff laughing and carrying on. No one said I’m sorry, do you need help, are you ok, nothing!!!!!! Not even bye!!! But they got their payment before it happened. They made sure of that. I still never got a tissue and used left over starbucks napkins in my car and my sweater that i had been using and did my best to get home.
I’m sure there are so many more details but this is Bella’s story

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