LAUSD to offer remote/hybrid/distance learning options for safety & quality education now!

LAUSD to offer remote/hybrid/distance learning options for safety & quality education now!

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LAUSD parent started this petition to Dr. Barbara Ferrer Los Angeles public health department and

From a concerned parent speaking on behalf for all the concerned parents. 

Numbers of covid cases are on the rise daily with this highly contagious delta variant. According to the CDC, the mutation is as contagious as the measles and the chicken pox and a lot of parents,whose voices aren’t heard, cannot understand the push to fully reopen schools. Breakthrough corona virus has been on the rise in Los Angeles, where it’s the state's highest current surge. Children do contract covid 19, transmit COVID-19, and are vulnerable because we still do not have vaccines available for children under 12. This is a new virus and we have no idea what the long term consequences will be. It is often said that children generally do well, but reality is sometimes some children don’t. The numbers may not seem high enough, but kids are still filling up hospital beds. Delta variant combined with flu season and even RSV during fall and winter months will not look good.

Children have been susceptible to Covid19 throughout the whole pandemic. It is said that more than 4.1 million children have been diagnosed since the beginning of this pandemic and accounting  for 14.3% of all cases, according to the latest data from the American Academy of Pediatrics. From July 15 to July 29, that percentage rose to 19% in the weekly percentages reported. During the first year of this this pandemic it has been said on multiple sources that children never get ill from COVID therefore aren’t at risk at all. That was probably because the number of cases in children were relatively low, but that doesn’t mean kids aren’t at risk and won’t fall severely ill.

Covid comes with a multitude of comorbidities such as Multi-system inflammatory syndrome, Kawasaki’s, multiple organ failure, permanent lung damage and the lists goes on and on. Kids can die and suffer tremendously and could also scar them for life. They are not risk free and there has been more positive cases now than before with the delta variant. The current rise in numbers are said to be worse than last year.
Saying that the schools will safely reopen schools is ridiculous especially without the same protocols put in place during spring hybrid reopening. There will no longer be social distancing in the classrooms because there won’t be enough space to accommodate all the students that will be returning to school. The kids would be sitting shoulder to shoulder on a desk that fits 2 with a class size up to in the 30’s indoors.

Hybrid reopening during spring was considered done well according to LAUSD, although there were positive cases even then. It was when positive cases were declining and full 6ft social distancing was in place on campus outside and especially inside the classrooms. We cannot compare those months to the Fall reopening now because the numbers are on the rise yet again and it is said to be worse than last year alone. Statistics and data show that it will get worse during the fall and winter months even more so with the delta variant. We cannot understand the actions that are being taken on behalf of all of students, mainly the little ones who cannot get vaccinated just yet.

All students and parents voices are important as well. The decisions and negotiations made on behalf of the student body is truly unfair. We the parents feel like we are stuck with 2 very bad choices; between the safety of our children or education. LAUSD has given an option to stay remote through city of angels, but it isn’t the best educational option. Honestly, it just feels like they threw something at us to say that they gave us a choice to cover their backs. I know plenty of teachers that would agree that the virtual option offered isn’t sufficient. A lot of parents are feeling forced to send their kids back on campus because the virtual choice does not offer children quality education like it would in a hybrid model with their current school curriculum and teacher. On a campus of over 400+ students only 7 has signed up for various reason and 100’s are still up in the air worried sick to send their kids back on campus.

This is not for the benefit of ALL children. I do strongly believe that social and emotional well being and face to face interactions with friends and teachers are all very important for children, but while risking their safety I cannot agree. Life and safety of children becomes top priority if it’s choosing between the two. A lot of us parents with kids in elementary school cannot sleep from the anxiety.

We are not asking for the school to fully close but asking for a hybrid model like it was during the spring. It is just unfair that the rest are loosing all the benefits that is unique and special to our school if we choose to stay online with the districts option for remote learning. We believe that all sides would be happy and it would be the most fairest for those who choose to send their kids on campus or for those who choose to stay remote until cases start to decline.
I understand that it was hard for the teachers and some students during distance learning, but just because it was difficult isn’t a sufficient reason in itself if it were to risk the lives of children during this crisis. It was hard for the parents as well too, but the benefits of keeping our children safe outweighed all the hardships. I am sure everyone would agree to that. Something better should’ve been offered for both sides. Limiting the number of students on campus makes for optimal social distancing and would keep the kids and staffs who are on campus safer. Loosening some restrictions and fully reopening schools will only undo the hard work we all had to endure last school year.

This isn’t forever, but until the numbers at least start to go down. If we all can work together, both teachers and parents, and push a bit harder we can all keep safe and still continue to offer quality education for all kids. We just want our kids to be able to receive quality education virtually with their current school and teachers and continue with their enrichment courses and so much more. The numbers are quickly rising and will only rise with schools fully reopening. It is a cause for disaster that we can prevent in the early stages instead of taking steps backwards.

Please, take the highly contagious delta cases rising in the la county into serious consideration and prevent the inevitable to keep our kids truly safe. We all are fighting for the safety of children and wanting to give them quality education. Please take hybrid into consideration. We’re all trying to fight the same fight. Please hear our voices too. Please let’s all do what we know would be truly the safest for our children. None of this is an ideal situation, but how can it be? It’s a pandemic! Nothing about this is ideal. If we weigh the pros and cons, then we can truly see what is more important. If one kid dies of this virus or even suffers from it, that is one too many. Life is already hard as it is without living in a pandemic. No parents would want their child to think that their health and safety is less important. Our children and our community is not immune to this disease, and we are all at risk with the delta variant. Fully opening schools may put our entire community at risk as children go back and may get infected (whether asymptomatic or not) and then spread it to their families and throughout our entire community.

On CDC website it says the Level of Community Transmission in Los Angeles County has been high (red) every single day for couple months now. Why are we choosing to ignore these facts? Had California still been on the color tiered system we would be in the most restricted tier. Please, there isn’t much time before school opening. In the next couple days or so we would greatly appreciate you to take these into serious considerations. We all can work together toward a more safer, equal and fair decision for all involved.

Thank you.


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