Abuse of privilege: MPs mustn't show film in Parliament which denies antisemitism!

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Jewish News is reporting that Chris Williamson MP is using a room in Parliament next Monday to show "Witchhunt" (the film starring Jackie Walker which says that allegations of antisemitism in Labour are false and represent a plot to undermine Corbyn).

The film is antisemitic and promotes the cause of someone suspended from Labour and subject to the Party's disciplinary procedures.

This is a gross abuse of MPs' privilege to book rooms free of charge in Parliament. It is an abuse of a taxpayer-funded building. Williamson must hire a commercial venue if he wants to show this antisemitic film.

The film includes the following lies (most are antisemitic):

- Mark Thomas saying that Israel is an apartheid state and that the allegations of antisemitism in Labour are a ‘witchhunt against Israel’s fiercest critics’;

- Moshe Machover saying that Israel’s critics ‘are denigrated as antisemites’;

- An allegation by Walker that Israel Advocacy Movement is funded by Israel;

- The suggestion that David Collier’s ‘political connections are open to question’;

- The suggestion by Professor Lewis Gordon that ‘Jews who want to be white benefit from the idea of a Jew-hating black’;

- Wimborne-Idrissi saying IHRA is ‘designed to prevent criticism of Israel’ and that local authorities were defrauded into adopting it;

- The commentator saying that Israel is ‘moving to full-blown apartheid’;

- The commentator saying  “The Zionist project, emboldened by unprecedented support from the Trump White House, is now surging ahead in its attempt to eliminate Palestine from history.  Its muscular ultra-nationalism has become a model and an inspiration not just for white supremacists in America but for extreme right regimes now emerging across parts of Europe. …. Recent large scale far right demonstrations in central London have revealed a convergence of fascist and neo-Nazi groups with hard line Zionists".