Trying to take down local puppy mill.

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We here in Fredericton new Brunswick have a puppy mill. I'm not sure if you know but Wilson's farm is puppy mill but they get by with just meeting the  "basic needs". The puppy and dogs are locked in cages, in barns

The dogs only go in the house for your appointments or for picture. They have a"discount" bin of puppy that are getting old and people didn't want. They end up euthanizing those pups who don't get adopted. It's sad to see that this is hopping to poor helpless creatures .this isn't fair to our four legged friends.they are being used (so they can get money)  I would love to get Wilson's but put of business, as well get some laws changed. because we have such lax laws in animal care. I want to get the laws changed. Or even just a by-law for these beautiful creatures. I want to go higher up in our legislative, and get things changed.And have all the puppy's go to good home. Or go to the SPCA to be adopted there.. if we get enough signatures I will be walking to city hall with this petition. I will stand there for weeks if I have to. This is not fair or right