Compete bitless at national dressage events.

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I am against all the people who are against riding without a bit, it is obvious that it is better for the horse. The problem is that the federation is very old fashioned, they do not see that it is healthier!
I created this petition so that we can all make a difference and change the opinions of the federation. By signing the petition and sharing your story with me, it gives me more support and, therefore, I have more possibilities to change the rules and their views!

My goal is to get them to create a class for those of us who want to compete without a bit , or at least allow us to compete alongside the other competitors.
We have our method and they have theirs. But why should we be criticized and punished for not wanting to use a bit?
It's not fair.

Thank you for all of you who are supporting me. Without you this would not be possible and i wouldn't be were I am today!.