Winnie Madikizela Mandela International Airport Petition

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We, the people of South Africa & our friends all over the world, submit this petition as a sign and symbol of HUMILITY, ACTIVISM, appreciation and acknowledgement of the sacrifices MAMA NOMZAMO WINNIE MADIKIZELA MANDELA, also known as the MOTHER OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN NATION had to endure in the struggle for our liberation.

We have wept over her passing, and now we celebrate her life: We are petitioning the South African Government to name the Cape Town International airport after her name, as raised by Mr. Julius Malema. The new name would be a symbol of our struggle, a symbol of Mama Winnie's legacy of love and sacrifice for her people, a symbol of her indomitable spirit in the fight for the liberation of South Africa, especially the oppressed and segregated majority of South Africans.

Let us honour Mama Winnie's memory by pledging the transformation of some of the symbols of white minority privilege and monolopoly by erecting structures and symbols of hope and constant reminder of her struggle for our liberation.

We believe that re-naming of the Cape Town International airport to Winnie Madikizela Mandela International airport would pave the way in naming some other national monuments after this Icon of Our Struggle.

Aluta Continua.