Let's change the Melanoma ribbon color from black to a hopeful/happy aqua color.

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As a stage 3 Melanoma patient, I'm very aware of how important being positive is to our treatment and recovery.

The designated color for Melanoma awareness is black.

Overwhelmingly people, myself included, associate the black ribbon with a way to commemorate and respect loved ones that have passed away so of course it doesn’t feel right to have that same color ribbon represent Melanoma. Whether we have it or one of our friends or family has it, showing support for what we have with a ribbon used to commemorate death, feels completely wrong.

We need a more colorful, brighter & lively color for Melanoma... A color that is hopeful and makes us smile, a color that can be a reminder of living life in positivity and strength while fighting the condition.

If you agree please help me by signing this petition to change the color of the Melanoma ribbon to aqua.