Fandi Ahmad should apologize for his racist remark on Sikh reporter turban.

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National interim football coach Fandi Ahmad and the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) owe the Sikh community an apology over a culturally inappropriate comment made at a media conference on 7 September at the Oasia Hotels and Residence.

the question posed by the TNP writer Dilenjit Singh was as follows:

“You said that in terms of skill and technique, some of our rivals in the region have overtaken us. How would that affect you wanting to play the good football which you are known for."                                                                                                                        
In response, Fandi Ahmad said: “We have not all bad... I can’t condemn anybody because our system is different from others. I can’t say it also, as it is against the Government. You know if I say it loud, you know, you will be seeing your turban would be gone. Seriously bro. I cannot say, I want to tell you. But later private I will tell you. ”

What was also troubling was that there was a burst of laughter after the inappropriate comment was made.

Even more disturbing was the fact that the media in the room did not make any mention or report about it despite it being a media conference.

The Sikh have always stood at both fronts during disaster and war. We are the only community that carries a great pride and honour of our turban. It is very important for us to defend our turban and for Fandi Ahmad to apologize for his degradation remarks.