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Respect Malaysians' fundamental liberties

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We are totally dismayed at the way the Selangor government handled (or rather mishandled) the Oktoberfest event that was due to take place within the private property owned by the 1Utama mall in PJ, Oct 11-13, 2014.

 In particular, we are unhappy with MBPJ, the city council that made the bad decision to force the event to be moved to an uncomfortable and inappropriate location without just cause.

 This event has been staged at the designated location (the uncovered car park) for years without any issue or problems. It was well-attended and the guests, who were all adults, were well-behaved. Crowd-control was also appropriate.

 However, MBPJ decided to allow a tiny bunch of noise-maker and trouble-makers, who don’t represent the sentiments of the majority of peaceful Malaysians, to affect policy, without consultation with the citizens of the state.

 No one was being forced to drink at the event, or even attend, so the reason given by the extremists (some of whom provide regular comedy to Malaysians) were weak, and insulting to everybody. For MBPJ to listen to believe their unreasonable claims is extremely unprofessional.

 1) We therefore seek the Mayor of PJ Alinah Ahmad’s resignation. And at the very least, the non-renewal of her current contract when it expires soon.  As the head of MBPJ, she has to take full responsibility for the disregard of established regulations, and for bowing to unjustified pressure from that group.

 She has insulted the silent majority, and is ignorant of the Constitution of Malaysia, which guarantees fundamental liberties to its citizens. MBPJ has no justification to move an event that has been run professionally for years without issues.

 Please appoint much better mayors.

 However, action needs to be taken imediately by MBPJ if indeed the organizers did break the law by advertising illegally on a billboard.

 2) We are also shocked that Menteri Besar Azmin Ali chose to ignore the civil liberties of citizens when he was given the opportunity to defend them. As the head of state, he should behave decisively and without fear. In the Pakatan Rakyat state government, only Representaive Khalid Samad (Shah Alam) has spoken sensibly and intelligently about this non-issue that was cooked-up into an issue.

 3) We call upon the Selangor government to state its stand, whether it is in agreement with the extremists on this issue, or against them.

We want our state representatives for our respective constituents to state your stand whether you support the extremists as well; and we will take your silence as consent.


With regards,

The undersigned.

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