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The Secretary of State for the Home Department.: We demand the arrest of all MP's attending the 2013 Bilderberg Meeting.

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The annual “Bilderberg Group” is a 3 day secret conference where 35 members of the Steering Committee invite around 100 prominent figures - consists of informal and off the record undemocratic and treasonous discussions about foreign affairs and the international economy.


In addition, other broad objectives such as sustaining existing illegal wars and in the planning of future ones are believed to be discussed.


Government appointed officials are acting outside their elected authority where they operate secretively and in a conflict to the interest of their public position. This is against the interest of those they were elected to serve, us the British People. Hence these meetings are treasonous and punishable offences.


Our public officials have absolutely no right to be mixing with opposition party in private, with Bankers, Heads of State, Senior Corporate Officers, Academics and representatives of all major international institutions [NATO, the EU, IMF, WORLD BANK, ECB, WTO etc]. Regardless Bilderberg insist that all participants attend in a private capacity – in 2011, George Osbourne attended [in St Mortitz] in his official capacity as Chancellor of the Exchequer and funded by the tax payer.


We can expect a treasonous return visit from George Osbourne and Lord Mandelson [both regulars], and steering committee member Ken Clarke. It’s also likely that David Cameron and Mark Carney [soon to be Bank of England Governor] will pay visits – both have attended previously.


Others expected include CEO’s and Chairmen of Barclays, HSBC, Santander, Nestle’, Novartis, Airbus, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, plus the usual smattering of senior US State Dept and Treasury officials, National Security Advisors, Finance Ministers, European Royals, Pentagon top brass and the head of NSA.


We expect the conference agenda to include “North Korea”, “Cyprus” and the Eurozone Crisis.

Our police have taken an oath to serve and protect the public of this country, as civil servants, and to protect our sovereign monarchy. This is the real threat to our national security. The police have a duty to us and should not be prevented from upholding the law of this land. Instead, the police should be allowed to do their job of serving their country honorably and by holding all men subject to, and equal before the law.


Instead, the world's most criminal cabal are being protected by our public servants at the tax payers’ expense while, the corporate main stream media are allowed to portray us, the British citizens of this country, as "conspiracy nuts". "Conspiracy nuts" are what citizens are called for trying to protect the future of their country and their children's future by making the wider public aware of this public deception.

As a direct result of the nature of this shadow government meeting, a 4 day legal protest is organised by the British citizens in order to raise public awareness as to the truth about this illegal, treasonous, unconstitutional and undemocratic, secret meeting. How this in violation to our rights as Citizens and, as such have the right and have a duty to demand our MPs are arrested and brought to Justice. Given, these meetings are also illegal at international law and under the Logan's Act in the USA because these activities are recognised across the world as a conflict of interests manifesting itself as a serious threat to our legitimate and otherwise, stable society.

Everyone in the country should be up in arms and be prepared to wake up and publically demand social, political and legal justice.


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