Amend the law about the buying and using fireworks!

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This petiton has been started as a result of the impact fireworks has had on our rescued dog Molly, who experiences extreme noise anxiety from fireworks. Molly has spent the last few weeks shaking in our arms, as well as hidden, confined areas as a result of the pointless explosions above our home. 

The use of fireworks in the UK right now has a detrimental affect on many different aspects of our society, whether it be environmental or ethical. The effect the use of fireworks may have on people and animal can create damaging impacts, putting the things we should respect the most at risk. For example:

 ->  ANIMALS:  pets (especially rescued animals) are at risk of tremendous fear and have been reported to experience intense noise anxiety from the sound of fire-work explosions, bringing on things such as: shaking, drooling at the mouth, racing hearts, heart attacks, anxiety attacks and hiding. Not a day goes buy in the months leading up to christmas where you don't see a viral post about a terrified dog at the hands of people using fireworks for no reason other than a bit of fun. 

-> VETERANS: soldiers who have came from war with PTSD, and have triggers of loud banging or sounds, resulting in them being petrified and experiencing panic attacks, violent outbreaks or mental breakdowns as a result.

-> ENVIRONMENT: habitats of wild animals can be destroyed, as well as spare wood and paper scattered across the town for people to pick up or for it to fall into rivers and add to the already extreme issue of pollution, resulting in global warming. 

Currently in the UK, firework use and buying is restricted to the following regulations:

  • No buying of fireworks unless over 18
  • No use of fireworks between 11pm-7am (except for certain occasions: Bonfire Night, when the cut off is midnight
    New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year, when the cut off is 1am)
  • No use of fireworks in streets or public areas.
  • You can only buy fireworks (including sparklers) from registered sellers for private use on these dates: 15 October to 10 November, 26 to 31 December, 3 days before Diwali and Chinese New Year.

However, these laws HAVE to be subject to change if we want to protect our people and animals all year round. The suggestion in this petition would be:

  • The use of fireworks ONLY on certain occasions (as listed by the law) - no use of fireworks at all in any area other than these times.
  • The use of fireworks ONLY by licensed individuals (such as councils or public bodies) for events or shows for the public - private using should be banned in housing areas, where pets are more commonly placed. 
  • No buying of fireworks for people of the public, only by licensed individuals who intend to use it for events at certain times of the year or shows for the public at certain times.
  • The use of silent fireworks (as adopted by Italy)

Fireworks are pretty, they are great fun if used correctly on these wonderful occasions, however, as their use on times other than special times such as new years etc. have a great impact on animals and people around the UK.

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