Killiecrankie battlefield in danger!

Killiecrankie battlefield in danger!

10 January 2018
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Started by Killiecrankie1689

KilliecrAnkie1689 is a new group that opposes how the planned dual carriageway is to be built on the Killiecrankie battlefield.

KilliecrAnkie1689 is in favour of upgrading the A9 in the interests of safety. But it wants the best route possible for the local community and one that fully respects the sensitive area of the battle site.

The Battle of Killiecrankie took place on 27 July, 1689 and was the first engagement of the period of Jacobite rebellion. About 2,000 men were killed in less than 1 hour in one of the goriest episodes of Scottish history, causing carnage on such a scale that the name Killiecrankie was seared into popular imagination.

The official battlefield boundary that encompasses the entire area where battle lines were formed is quite large. The blood field where most of the fighting was concentrated is relatively small. Transport Scotland proposes widening the road over that very area.

The proposal is insensitive and ill judged.  KilliecrAnkie1689 has objected to the plans along with 182 other statutory bodies, organisations, societies and individuals who want to protect our cultural environment.

It is free to sign the petition.  No payment is required to add your name to our supporters.  

Information about the battle and our campaign are on  


This is urgent.

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This petition had 5,761 supporters

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