Help save our Koalas - DEW - SA Government- Federal Government,stop Sterilising our Koalas

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The Federal Government of Australia, The South Australian Government and the Department of Environment of Water we urge you to reconsider your plans to continue to sterilise Koalas in South Australia.

Koalas are in serious decline throughout Australia including South Australia. For the past 4 years the South Australian Department of Environment and Water has been sterilising and culling the dwindling Koala numbers in SA.

They have done this without researching Koala numbers in SA and without properly engaging the Koala Rescuers in SA and Australia.  DEW have “consulted” by advising Koala groups that they will be sterilising and culling Koala populations throughout SA. These areas include the Mt Lofty Ranges, Cleland National Park, Belair, and many other areas throughout South Australia.

400 Koalas alone have been sterilised on Kangaroo Island in recent months and DEW are proud of this! This is an utter disgrace. The Government is killing our National iconic Koala.

The Koala should be listed as endangered. We need to stop the Government land clearing where there are Koala colonies throughout Australia, stop them sterilising and culling our Koalas.

Save the Koala Foundation has estimated SA Koala numbers to be between 9000 and 18,000 and yet the SA Government has estimated Koala numbers to be more than 10 times that amount. They are unable to produce accurate numbers or what methodology they used to get these numbers.

If we do not do something now, our Koalas will become extinct in under 50 years. Our Government is not listening.

We urge the Australian Federal Government, The SA Government and DEW to cease culling and sterilising our Koalas IMMEDIATELY.