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Help fund and save Ideastap

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Ideastap is an invaluable source of information for everyone involved in the performing arts, it's one of the very few sources available to performers which allow them to find jobs, creative competitions, funding or just help them to succeed as artists, Without it life for performers will be much harder than it already is, nearly every other source of information is charged and for most struggling performers it is an impossibility to afford this. 

The closing down of Ideastap not only highlights the lack of commitment the government make to allow the performance arts sector to be available to all, regardless of income, it also highlights the lack of funding and help organisations like Ideas tap receive.

I ask you to think of a performance whether it be a film, piece of music, piece of theatre or just a stand up gig that has really moved you, stuck with you or maybe even changed your life, without the performing arts sector none of these would have been possible and every year the next shakespeare, Peter Kay or Daniel day lewis are forced to give up due to lack of funds  before people get to see their work, without sources like Ideas tap this goes from being a probability to an almost certainty.

The aim of this petition is to ask The Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP to help fund  Ideas tap and save this charity which has helped so many performers over the years. 

So I ask whoever is reading this whether you be a performer yourself or just somebody who appreciates the arts and the contribution the United Kingdom has made over the years, please sign this petition and help save ideastap.

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