Save our Insects, stop government encouragement of harmful insecticides and herbicides

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Breaking news published by the Guardian today, reported the recent findings in the Journal of Biological Conservation that there has been a 40% decline in insect populations and a third are endangered. Insects are decling at an 8% faster rate than birds, reptiles and mammals. This is a global issue and is a result of pesticide /weed killer use in agricultural farming. If we don't change the way we produce our food then we have had it. It's not that farmers don't care about the environment, they respond to a government-led rewards system that encourages mass food production. 

An Environment Bill is being debated soon and then it will then become an Act. This bill is simply not robust enough to ensure the survival of these seemingly unimportant insect species that are actually essential to the food chain and therfore important to our survival as human beings! Climate change was reported as being responsible for thier decline too and frankly enough is enough! Our government needs to act and needs to act now. The people are getting restless, school children are striking because thier governments are not listening. Is a government's purpose to ignore the very people they are supposed to be serving? To ignore the nature we depend on to survive? Please help and sign this petition. Our children, our wildlife; our Insects need us!