Clean The Earth - The Creation of a Fleet of Giant Ships to Clean the Oceans

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Every day the news is that our seas are becoming more and more polluted with waste, particularly plastic waste, whether it’s in the seas that surround the UK, or in the once pristine Pacific Ocean.  Sitting on our hands, procrastinating or thinking it's someone else's problem just won't do.

What’s needed is real and practical action to remove this waste from the oceans and recycle fully what can be recycled with current technologies, or dispose of it in an as environmentally clean way as possible in specific locations, until new technologies can recycle even this waste.

To this end and for practical purposes, action needs to be taken now to design and build giant ships and the equipment that they will need to use, to remove as carefully and effectively as possible, the waste from our oceans.  

If the UK takes the lead in the design and building of these ships, with other like-minded countries such as the Scandinavian ones, then it is hoped that the UN, EU and other supranational entities will follow.   Designs do exist for such large and environmentally sound ships e.g. Lade AS of Norway's 'Vindskip' - . Therefore the ship building expertise of countries like Norway, the UK, Sweden, Italy, Japan, Korea, China et al, could all be used to start the fleet's construction, with later vessels being made by those developing countries, were the need to clear the waste from the seas is of the greatest importance.  

Your signing of this petition could at least 'lay down the keel' for this much-needed project, with the ships' superstructures (it is earnestly hoped), following soon after.