Ban the digging out of foxes and their cubs

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Description taken from the League Against Cruel Sports website

Dedicated websites exist to celebrate and perpetuate the pitting of dog against foxes under the guise of pest control. Detailed descriptions of the activities of working terriers are often accompanied by graphic and horrifying images shared from the results of this secretive ‘sport’.
In addition to the cruelty to the foxes, injuries sustained by these working terriers often go untreated, their scars seen by their owners as proud trophies from their fights. Professional veterinary care is frequently not sought and dogs are treated at home by their owners using medicines bought from shadowy websites.
Since the passing of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 and the Hunting Act 2004 the League has not observed any decline in the frequency of terrier work. Hunts claiming to be lawfully trail hunting are still accompanied by terrier men whose purpose is to put terriers below ground to flush foxes to be shot or for an illegal hunt to continue – our Scottish hunt investigation demonstrated this.
Badgers are also often the victim of terrier work, but this is more commonly referred to as ‘badger baiting’. Ultimately any wild animal can be subjected to terrier work, but the fox is the most common animal affected.