Give badgers their own illustrated warning sign on UK roads

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I feel that it is time for badgers to be recognised with their own illustrated traffic warning sign on the United Kingdom's road network.

At the moment, the best that they can hope for is an exclamation mark in a triangle with the word 'Badgers' on a rectangular plate underneath, and I believe that this does our badger population a great disservice.

Ducks, cattle, deer and horses already have their own illustrated warning signs, and considering the number of prominent badgers in the history of British culture, surely it is time for this creature to get similar treatment.

'Badger' of Bodger and Badger for instance? How about the angry old badger in the Peter Rabbit cartoons? Wind In The Willows?

'Badger, Badger, Badger' was the song that kickstarted online video sharing as well. People seem to forget this. We're not asking for 'snakes' and 'mushrooms' signs, just 'badgers.'

Technically it wouldn't be too difficult as badgers are predominantly black and white, and this colour scheme matches the one that is currently used by the Department for Transport throughout their Highway Code.