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The dim sim. A steamed or fried emblem of our multicultural society. Wedged between two worlds, deemed Western by the East and Eastern by the West, both sides can agree it’s 100% Australian.

Developed in Melbourne this mystery bag of delight has been a regular on our menus for almost 70 years.

Thick skinned, resourceful and with a suspicious background, the dim sim captures the spirit of what it is to be Australian.

Let’s put the dim sim on a pedestal, literally. We need your support to help to build a big bronze monument to the dim sim. A piping hot beacon to our all-inclusive culture.

Ask not what your dim sim can do for you but what you can do for your dim sim.


Letter to
City of Melbourne The Right Honourable Lord Mayor Robert Doyle
Dim sim lovers around the globe have spoken. Let's put the dim sim on a pedestal, literally!

We want to build a shrine to something that never went to war, never held a note, nor ever caught a ball.

If Melbourne wishes to consider itself as the culinary and cultural capital of Australia we must honour our home-grown treasures.

We call for a statue (preferably bronze) to honour this piping hot beacon of our all-inclusive culture.

The dim sim is in your hands.

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