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The Removal and Replacement of Confederate Monuments in Paducah, KY

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We, the undersigned residents of Paducah, submit that the time has come for the immediate removal of all Confederate monuments from the public places of Paducah. They are a representation of slavery and racial oppression that serve only to remind the citizens of Paducah of a time when such things were not only prevalent in society, but sanctioned by the State.   

It is our assertion that these statues serve as a glorification to a bygone era that promoted and legitimized the oppression and slavery of Black Americans. They help to gloss over the historic violence that these individuals and systems produced, promote an acceptance and retelling of history that allows slave owners and bigots to be seen as heroes, and continues to embolden and empower racist and white nationalist even today. Our children should not have to enter a school named in honor of a confederate general, and tax payer money shouldn't be used to maintain any of these statues or dedications.  

We thus appeal and petition to the Mayor and City Commission of Paducah to outline and commit to a process for the timely and definite removal of the General Lloyd Tilghman statue from Fountain Square, the renaming of the Paducah Tilghman High School, and the immediate removal of any dedication to the Confederate cause on publicly funded land not yet named in this petition. 

We also appeal for an outline and commitment by the City for the funding and replacement of these items with commemorations that instead honor those who fought the oppression of slavery, championed for emancipation, and celebrate the beauty of freedom.  

We, the undersigned, request your consideration and timely response to this petition. 

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