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We are loyal employees of Qantas, passengers young and old, shareholders and members of the Australian public.

We have watched with great sadness as thousands have lost their jobs over the years: today a further 5,000, hardworking dedicated people with families and communities dependent on their incomes. We have watched with dismay as those who claim to serve Qantas use the media to trash it and its workforce in an attempt to play politics. We have watched as over the years the so called hard decisions made by those up top have in fact weakened the Qantas share price.

We can’t watch anymore.

Today we call on the Qantas Board to sack its Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce for his part in the destruction of our flying kangaroo. We have lost confidence in his ability to act in the best interests of Qantas passengers and shareholders and the tens of thousands of Qantas employees.

Letter to
The QANTAS Airways Limited Board of Directors
It has been eight years since Alan Joyce took on the role of Chief Executive Officer.

During his tenure, Alan Joyce says he has made the ‘hard decisions’. His decisions have led to the slashing of thousands of jobs, the trashing of the Qantas brand and the destruction of the Qantas share price. It is clear- Alan Joyce’s ‘hard’ decisions aren’t just distressing for employees and the traveling public they are bad for business.

This morning Alan Joyce made another ‘hard’ decision. He forced 5,000 hardworking and loyal employees to carry the full burden of his bad business decisions of past. 5,000 employees will be without jobs, that’s 5,000 devastated families and the communities dependent on their income.

Today we are asking you to make a decision. It’s not a hard decision, it’s the right decision for the tens of thousands of Qantas employees, loyal passengers, and Qantas shareholders. Please take a positive step toward making our kangaroo great once more and sack CEO Alan Joyce.

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