The VPL should remove it's 'safer space' stickers to more accurately reflect reality

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I, the undersigned, believe it is important for public spaces and institutions to be allies to more marginalized people in our society. The Vancouver Public Library is happy to host a public talk by Meghan Murphy of the Feminist Current.  Ms. Murphy and the Feminist Current have a long tradition of causing harm to both the Trans community, and the Sex Worker community.  Her beliefs are hate speech, and her followers have harassed and doxxed multiple members of our community in Vancouver, increasing the risk to harm they face daily. Public institutions are no place for hate speech.  The Vancouver Public Library needs to clarify their stance on allyship.  They need to take a firm stance against the hate Ms. Murphy is preaching. If the city librarian, Ms De Castell  will not cancel this talk, then I demand that the institution remove their safer spaces signage to more accurately reflect the reality and risk marginalized persons face within their spaces.  


Edited to add: I would like it known as the creator of this petition, that I do not believe that police making stickers and declaring a space safe actually makes it safe. True allyship comes in many forms, but it should never be in the form of a call to the cops.