Bring back the 32A

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As we're all aware, we have gone a long time without any kind of bus throughout our village. It's painful to go through this. 

There are people in this village who are unable to drive. Be it they're elders and don't want to have the stress of driving and see buses as another way of socialising with other, or be it young people who are unable to drive and are wanting to meet friends/family. There's people who are a disabled or have a condition that limits them from ever driving and they'll have to pay a fair bit for taxis. There's people who work but physically can't get there because there's no buses. 


Alton has had some meetings about buses but what happened? Nothing. I say we have to do more about it. We can't let this bring our community down and sheltered into one area. We are a strong net of people who are passionate about what they believe in. 

Please, think about everyone here. The bus situation has got out of hand and I want to make a change but I can't without any help. Find it in your heart to sign this petition. Not for yourself, not for me but for our community. 

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