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The Imam Mohammed Mahmoud be honoured for his bravery

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Another attack has taken place in London. This was by a man we now know to be 48 year old Darren Osborne. Nine people were injured at Finsbury Park and one man is reported to have died.

The worshippers managed to hold onto the attacker and pin him down.

The Imam Mohammed Mahmoud intervened and stopped people trying to attack him. It has also been reported the Imam shielded Darren Osborne with people still trying to attack him.

Imam Mohammed Mahmoud "by gods grace we managed to protect him" he said.

This is what Islam represents, this is how a true Muslim should act. Not only should he be praised for his actions but I really believe he should be honoured just like any other person who has intervened in either helping the injured or trying to stop a terrorist from hurting people.

Islam is portrayed as being a religion of hate which the far right use to spout their hatred by taking passages out of context. Imam Mohammed really deserves the recognition of showing what an Imam or any true Muslim would do. He put himself up as a shield to protect an extremist.

This is a sign of how peace loving Muslims are. With all the negativity spouted by the far right the Imams act is not only an act of bravery but also an act of defiance by showing that you can't divide communities. This guy really deserves to be recognised for his bravery and courage. 

Please sign and share with everyone and let's show people this is the real Islam

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