Support Kerala to receive Financial Aid from UAE & other friendly Countries.

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To the Honourable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi,

Respected Prime Minister,

I am a consistent follower and avid fan of your governance for the last few years and supporting the reform steps taken by you as the PM of the country. I have always been promoting the good gestures behind these decisions among my community circle though it has attracted a lot of resistence from the common public and opposition parties.

Now I am writing the following lines to seek a borderless support for the state of Kerala which was seriously hit by the monsoon flood. You must have already noticed the impact of the flood caused to the state especially to the 6 districts of Kerala. It is very difficult for a common man to digest the level of support extended by the Central Government which was only to the tune of 600 crores as Interim support. There are many organisations in and around India ready to extend the support but doubtful to proceed further due to the airing confusion in this regard. I am mainly referring to the support extended by UAE which is said to be unable to receive by the State due to several policy matters.

For many of the NRIs like me, UAE is not a foreign country but like our own mother nation due to the nature of support we have been receiving for finding our livelihood. That is why we have felt UAE as an extended part of our nation and involoved in all the activities in developing the relationship of these two countries. The most popular reference to UAE by us as 'Pottamma' (nurturing mother) itself is the right example of our feelings and consideration towards this nation. As you are fully aware, we Keralites (Malayalis) are the cream population in UAE who have contributed much for the development of UAE while we are earning foreign money for our nation. The Government of UAE have always showed their gratitude, support and warmthness of our relationship all the time. So, the recent promise of 100M$ support may not be under the influence of any of the foreign regulations but come out as a true affability of the said relationship between the countries.

Kerala has an entirely different aspect comparing to the other states of India. We are one of the most populated States in India. We have 4.62Kms of road when it is only 2.59Kms per thousands person as the national average. So, the tune of the damage is so high beyond the expecations of everyone and government authorities.

There are talks already happening in various social media platform that our Nation has extended much more better support to the neighbouring country, Nepal when the similar situation had occurred there. Kerala, being one of the largest States earning foreign money for the country has always remained as an inevitable part of the nation is eligible for a better and wider support from the central government.

I request you sir, for regaining the belief of the people of Kerala on your ongoing exceptional governance and reform steps a better support is already due to the state of Kerala. I urge you to establish a procedure (Article 9.2 of Disaster Management Rule) to receive foreign support from different countries of the world for the state. I earnestly request you to personally initiate a process for extending a better support to the state. In view of the above, I humbly request you to formulate the steps for receiving the financial aid from UAE.

Looking forward to your wise, humane and favourable decisions, I remain. Thanks,

Yours truly,
Mettammel Vinod