Travel Ban on US & Europe

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We petition on the imposition of travel bans on the United States and the whole Europe. The reasons follow.

1. Policy consistency. The first travel ban was on China announced on the first day of February. It has been proved to be a correct decision. Then we imposed travel ban on Korea and Iran. After Italy executed lock down, the ban was put on Italy on 11th March. 

2. The situation in Europe. Europe currently has been declared by WHO as the epicenter of COVID-19. Italy is the worst. But other countries such as Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland are catching up.

3. Travel bans imposed by the United States. The United States has imposed travel ban on Europe, initially excluding the United Kingdom and Ireland, but one day after, the ban was put on the whole Europe. We have been, by and large, follow the suit of the United States in relation to the issuance of travel bans. We see no reason that we should not put a travel ban on Europe whilst American has.

4. The reality in the United States. It is likely that the number of cases in the United States is much higher than they have disclosed, according to highly acclaimed scholars in US. From the readings provided by, US has become the source of most travel-related COVID-19 cases in Australia.

5. General principle of imposing a travel ban or not. The ultimate concern and criterion of whether to impose a travel ban or not, should be on one matter and one matter only: Australian people's well-being, as well-articulated by the Prime Minister Scott Morrison many times. Other concerns, such as whether the banned country has the similar value with us, or race, or historical issues, or dependency on us or otherwise, potential or real economical benefits or detriments, or any other not Australian people life related issues, should all be put aside. The reason? There is a universal equality before COVID-19.

We also note none of the countries has ever imposed any travel ban on the United States. But we argue that is not a reason not to put one on.

We petition, on the ground of government policy consistency, the getting worsen situation of both Europe and US, similar country practice, source of current travel related contraction, and most of all, Australian people's well-being, travel ban on US and the whole Europe is warranted. 

Please do not disappoint the Australian people and implement the said bans without further delay.

Lin Tang