Protect Wetlands - Ensure Water Security

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Shri Narendra Modi
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
Sub:  Water Scarcity & Drought - Implementation of Wetland Rules
It is heartening to learn that a Personal Letter from you has been hand-delivered to Heads of Villages for Conservation of Water, Digging Wells/Tanks and Harvesting of Rain-water with a view to alleviating Water Crisis.
Sir, Wetlands numbering 767060 and covering 15.2 Million Ha and 4.55% of Landmass of India can very seriously alleviate the water shortage.
Sir, these Wetlands
·    Top up the Ground Water on which 90% Population is   dependent for Drinking Water through out the year.
·     Are Carbon Sinks to keep Environment Cool and Safe
·     Are Micro Climate Systems that help in controlling Climate Change.
·    Many more functions are served but are not enumerated here.
This is why India is also one of the 170 Countries that are Contracting Parties to RAMSAR CONVENTION.
1.            2010 Wetland Rules never got implemented though all work of identification and notification should have been completed by 2011.
2.            Judicial directions from 2015 to 2017 to implement rules and protect Wetlands were not complied with.
3.            When threatened and facing the ire of Supreme Court and National Green Tribunal, Rules 2010 were replaced with rules 2017 abdicating the responsibility of Central Government (Environment Protection Act is a Central Act) and passing the work to State Governments and UTs.
4.            The 20 Month period for Identification and Notification of Wetlands in Rules 2017 has now passed (26th September to 25th May 2019) WITHOUT A SINGLE WETLAND BEING IDENTIFIED AND NOTIFIED ACROSS INDIA.
Apparently the Bureaucracy has failed in discharging its Legal and Statutory Duty and is also in non-compliance of Judicial Directions (Supreme Court Directions on 8thFebruary 2017 in Writ petition (Civil) No. 230/2001)
Sir, We the parched People of India are looking up to you to intervene and direct the MOEF-CC to ensure that Wetlands (757060) are notified and protected using the all Potent Section 5, along with Section 15, of Environment Protection Act.
Sincerely and With Respect
Anand Arya
353, Sector 15A
Tele:  +919818261909