Control MBBS Fees in Deemed Universities, keep same fees for all Deemed colleges

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Students are losing years because they are unable to join MBBS course in Deemed Universities due to uncontrolled high fees. If a merit students missing the seat/rank just with of 2 to 5 marks difference, then they are unable to afford MBBS seat in Deemed Universities. We deeply regret to see these fees structures are displaying in MCC website. If we see, State Governments are controlling the MBBS fees in the state private colleges thoroughly.

 The below is the example of Karnataka State Private Medical college:

 Let us take an example of any private college in Karnataka, which has 150 seats.

 Seats in the Convener Quota/Govt Quota - (50% of total seats 150) - 75 Seats - Fees: Rs.77000 - Income on Govt Seats - Rs. 57,75,000

Seats in Private/Management Quota - (35% of total Seats 150) - 52 Seats- Fees: Rs.632500 - Income on Management Seats: Rs. 3,28,90,000

Seats in NRI Quota Category  - (15% of total Seats 150) - 23 Seats - Fees:Rs. 25,00,000 (Twenty five lakh per year) -  : Rs. 5,75,00,000

 Total income per year from new batch: 9,61,65,000 (Nine Crores, sixty one lakh and sixty five thousand) - This is in any private medical college in Karnataka which are affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (Controlled by State Government), Karnataka.


In Deemed Universities:

Let us take an example of one Deemed University Medical college which has 150 seats. Please note, there is no Government/convener quota seats in Deemed universities.

Out of 150 seats 127 seats filled in Private/Management Quota (Most of the Deemed institutions collecting Fees from 15 lakh to 25 lakhs )

For NRI Quota they collect 30 to 40 lakhs.

 Seats in Management Quota - (85% of total Seats 150) - 127 Seats- Avg Fees: Rs.20,00,000 - Income on Management Seats: Rs.25,40,00,000 (Twenty five Crores, forty lakhs)

Seats in NRI Quota Category  - (15% of total Seats 150) - 23 Seats - Avg Fees:Rs. 35,00,000 - Income on NRI Seats: Rs.8,05,00,000 (Eight Crores, five lakhs)

 Total income per year from new batch: 33,45,00,000 (Thirty Three crores and fourty five lakhs) - This is an average Deemed University medical college income in India which is controlled by Government of India.


Note: Except one or two colleges (SDU Medical College, Kolar, Kasturba Medical Colleges, Manipal University, and KIMS, Bhubaneswar) all Deemed colleges are collecting fees like this. Could you please kindly consider the middle class people who are missing the seats with just 2 to 5 marks in Govt quota those are unable to afford this much fee in Deemed colleges.

Question1: If any private medical college controlled under State Government, is successfully managing with income of 9 crores 61 lakhs (per one new batch), why can’t Deemed Medical colleges manage with same fees? Why they needed 33 crores and 45 laksh huge money. Why MCC or MCI or Central Govt unable to control it?

Question2: Which is the authorised Govt body controlling MBBS fees in Deemed Universities?

 So please consider our request from middle class people and kindly control the fees in Deemed Universities by matching the fees with private colleges in the each state. Also, please give strict instructions to the colleges to not collect extra/additional fees.