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Ban consumption of pasta in India

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The followers of the peaceful religion of Pastafarianism worship The Most Sacred Flying Spaghetti Monster. Any form of pasta, including and not limited to - spaghetti, pene, fusilli, ravioli and vermicelli - are considered holy and sacred by the Pastafarins. 

With the invasion of the dreadful Italian cuisine into Indian culture, the consumption of pasta in India has increased dramatically. The peaceful Pastafarians are deeply hurt by the rampant desecration of the most sacred Pastafarian icon.

We the peaceful Pastafarians and their supporters urge you to amend the laws to completely ban the consumption of pasta in public and private. Buying, selling or consumption of pasta in any form must be considered a punishable offence.

We Pastafarians also understand such a law would put an increased load on the law and order. Hence we also would request a provision in the law to allow the peaceful Pastafarian mobs to take the law in hand and decide a spot punishment for the offenders who are convicted of disrespecting Pasta. This will save precious time of the law enforcement agencies and the court.

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