Social Services to face responsibility for EVERY CASE of False Accusations. Reforms needed

Social Services to face responsibility for EVERY CASE of False Accusations. Reforms needed

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Fatima Z started this petition to The Prime Minister of Britain

I have two children who are officially diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. My third child is in the process of being diagnosed with Autism. 

I took my children ice-skating and broke a leg on ice rink.  I requested Social Services's assistance because I had to stay in hospital for operation.  I requested to find a Foster placement for my children.  We have just moved to this town and I didn't know anyone who I could leave my children overnight with locally.  I thought that children had to continue to attend schools as usual so sending them to my friends in a different town wouldn't be beneficial for my children.

Social Services arranged fostering for two nights but refused to pay for school transport for my children.  They were only interested in Fostering of my two beautiful, well mannered, amazing and liked by every adult children.

Fostering was only for two nights and I asked for my children to reunite with me as soon as I was discharged from the hospital.  Social Services put a pressure on me by watching me how I could finance £80.00 a day school transport from my pocket because they stated that Social Services had NO MONEY to finance my children's school travel any have NO IDEA what should I do accept for: "Approach children's schools.  Its their responsibility to arrange transport".  My other option was to pay £4400 a month for both children to provide private home-tutoring.  Our Social worker kept calling almost every day asking how I sorted the problem while knowing that its their job to help with transport in cases like that.  My search for help raised concerns in the Local Educational Authority about Social Services refusing to assist with school travel.  After missing school for two weeks due to neglect by Children's Services my children did finally get school transport arranged by them for two weeks in advance only.  In the meantime, our Social Worker and her Manager came to talk to me because I reported that my son's need to be assessed by doctors has escalated.  He expressed strong protest when he found out that he had to go back to school where he is bullied.  I asked for help and support since thats what Children's Services are for.  Additionally, I asked another child professional from different organisation to be present during our meeting since she is involved with my children anyway.  My Social Worker refused for another child professional to be precent (I invited her but when she called my Social Worker she was told that she can't be present) during their visit to me.

The Manager during their visit to my address stated that my child ,who is now getting assessed for Autism, can't be having the problems that I report.  That his difficulties were "unlikely" and "unusual" and that its not how she saw him to behave when he visited her office.

She continued that she couldnt imagine my son having problems with children and neighbours.  That its impossible to have so much negative reaction from many directions.  She said that she saw my both children in her office and that she didnt notice any unusual behaviours.  She also offered me to comment on my son's Head teacher denying that he is bullied in her school. (The same School leadership called me one week before and asked me to move my son to another school for 1-2 months or just to email them to take him off the roll under my personal responsibility to educate him at home because too many unattendances are ruining their overall attendance picture ( this is required improvements school)).

The "Manager" (whose name she never made clear because she never wrote to me even when I requested it) was showing rude attitude towards anything I had to say.  Since her Munchausen syndrome accusations failed miserably after I shown to her videos of my son behaviour.  She changed her position and started to accuse me of actually being responsible for his behaviour.  She saw on video my son in great distress, shouting how much he is angry with those mean kids at school.  Next suspicious question from the Manager was:" Why do you keep incouraging throughout this video his behaviour and keep saying "Good boy, Good boy" when he is saying all of that?"

I immediatly gave to her my mobile with videos and asked her to listen again and to find herself any place where I kept saying: "Good boy, Good boy".

She didnt like that she had to bring evidence to support her accusations.  When she listened to it again she couldnt find anything to pick on.  On one occasion I said :"Poor boy" when he was describing his frustration on the video.  I also made it clear that since my son is only seven he didn't realise and he still doesn't know that I was recording his conversations.  The manager refused to look at more videos that show the reality of Autism in the family.

I also presented her with files of all the relevant reports from doctors on my children.  It was showing that similar behaviour was recorded six months ago.  A therapist's report was addressing this problem and its clearly was reoccurring problem and it was confirming reasonable reaction from me when I asked for doctors to urgently assess my son for Autism.  She didnt like that her accusative suspicions were taken by me calmly, with enogh evidence to prove her wrong.  She acted angry, disrespectful and she intentionally was looking anywhere but at me in pissed off mood.  She was demonstrating impatience like all I ever said was nonsense.

She told me to answer some question while she was reading the report.  The report proved her suspicions and accusations to have no ground.  I felt it was wierd and disrespectful.  I said that since she is reading I prefer to wait for when she will finish reading. To which she told me to continue explaining because she "could do both things at the same time".  I felt that this is rude and I had to insist on waiting when she will stop reading.

She said at the end, after reading, that the report didnt describe my son's recent deteriorating symptoms therefore she didn't accept it as proving anything.  Infact that report was describing almost identical problem and she couldnt deny that.  I was watching her displaying "unquestionable authority" to deny what was apparent just to continue disrespecting my rights and dignity.

The Manager continued ridiculing :"The difficulies you claim he is having look like the whole world is after you.  Don't you think?".  I said that problems in social life is a large part of what Autism is all about.  She made her eyes small.  She finally made full eye contact but it was full of hatery.  She leaned forward and asked me slower than usual:  "Are you feeling prosecuted?"

I said: "No.   I think you are acting too suspicious".  I said that the problems I am talking about are typical and I dont just speak, I have documents, records and professional's expertise to support my words.

I continued, that children with Autism/Asperger Syndrome always hold their disappointments in because they are often not sure how to behave, they are scared of public humiliation so they bottle it and unload their frustration  at home, where they feel safe to do so.  I said that anyone who is aware of Autism/Asperger Syndrome knows that this is typical way for such children to deal with pressures of school.  My son's older sister is already officially diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome/Autism while she always had many times lesser symptoms than him.  I pointed out that their biological dad never went to school  (he grew up abroad).  Dad also reported extreme anger when anyone would force him to study.  It's a genetic condition.  I pointed out that after my enormous commitment to teach my seven years old son to read his reading much better than his dad's already.  

I said : " Maybe you dont know much about Autism since you get surprised by anything."  She insisted that  she knows "a lot about Autism".  She continued: " I know people who have Asperger syndrome but they live normally in the society. Their social life is fine."

I quetly realised that she is horrendously unaware of Autism.  The "people" she "knows" must be only one or two and its definitely adults.  

Everyone who ever faced arrogant , aggressive bullying tactics knows that its better NOT to argue with Social Workers even when they make statements that prove their absolute incompetence.  I said nothing but I felt terrified by the kind of "professional" that was on our case.  

She seemed to calm down by the end of the appoinment since her every suspicion had perfectly reasonable explanation.  At the same time I made it clear that I report everything because I know that Social Services are there to help and I want to find out what they can offer.  She said that help with doctor could be arranged by her.

Few days later I contacted our Social Worker to find out what's been done for my son.  I was told  that while Social Services were "concerned" it was my job to deal with it myself or ask anyone other than Children's Services.

I emailed her with a request to forward me details of where to complain about herself and her manager.  She neglected her duty to provide me with information.  I was busy arranging all necessary services to assist my children for five-six days after.  Our Social worker called me with unhappy voice maybe two-three days after my official intention to complain and asked me to inform her when I will be able to do the school run.  I told her that I have particularly asked my doctor during recent review to estimate my mobility problems for Social Services.  He stated that its his medical expertise that for six more weeks I won't be able to do the school run.   Additionally, I updated  her that I contacted a number of agencies who will offer extra checks and provisions to make sure that my children won't miss on any available help.  I provided names of professionals, names of agencies and a phone number.  In the same miserable tone she soon ended the conversation.  Few days later I got a cheerful voice message from "Manager" that due to their "concerns" "they have made decisions in my children's case".  She told me that I will need to call my Social Worker in order to "find out which way the case will go from now on".  I immediatly called our Social worker twice but she didn't pick up.

I checked my emails.  There was nothing at all.  I emailed my Social Worker requesting to produce a document that will list legitimate reasons for such behaviour and hints.  I pointed out that for six days she knew about my intension to complain about both of them.  Instead of allowing me to complain they created "concerns".  I requested in that email the removal of both of them from our case and pointed out that since she neglected to provide complaint proceedure information she needs to forward that email to an appropriate person herself.  I requested for Senior Social Worker to be appointed to us since I raices concerns of incompetence of the abovementioned Social Workers.  I forwarded that email to the Head of the local Childrens Services and made separate complaint to the Department of Health and Social Care.

As a result for four more days the Head of local SS, both Social Workers ignored me and additionally aborted school transport for my both children while knowing that my son's school have arranged an Educational Phychologist and being at school is vital for his assessment.  Later I found out that they went ahead with Smear campaign instigating one professional with false information and expressed "concerns" whether I was mentally fit to continue being a parent.  In their Hit and Run Strategy they intend to "sex up" a case in order to justify their aggression.

Infact, I pay for some private doctors in order for my children to have more smooth assistance through our NHS slow provision.  Since my fructures I privately pay for a registered child minder to take my children for a fun day out in a park and for a lunch out on weekends.  I performed skills that I was tought when I studied on Access to Social Work course in London and I went to Kingston University for the Social Welfare Studies for short time.  I had to apply for an academic year off which was granted to me in 2003.  My children are my priority and I decided that my children needed me at home.  I thought that it would be hypocritical if I went on working as a Social Worker to take responciblility of other children's welfare while I had a child with Autism at home.

Once again Children's services in the most unsupportive manner took position of a Hawk that will quietly watch until anything will come into his sight.  I know that this is happening to enormous amount of families.  Its specially easy to pick on families with children who have Autism.  I want to be the one who stands up to highlight the need for  URGENT REFORMS IN SOCIAL SERVICES because my first daughter with Asperger Syndrome and I were subjected to Autism Discrimination and False accusative investigations for nearly two years.  I felt blackmailed to follow every suspicion based on False Accusations because as we all know: who questions "undoubtable" authority of Social Services practices gets classed as refusal to cooperate.  Everyone knows what the Refusal to Cooperate leads to.  I have survived two years of Hawking over my children and every kind of emotional abuse towards my first daughter and I.  My daughter got broken by it.  Ten years after Abusive Accusations by Children's Services of my daughter and I being liars (during her age of 10-12) she so ill that I wouldnt wish any parent to watch their child to downspiral like that.  Children's Services came into our life after she made disclosures of being sexually abused in London.  She was born in London and spent her early years here.  She already was officially diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome but it didnt stop Social Services from accusing me of Munchausen-like suspicions. Including doing the usual trick when a child discloses sexual abuse: Accusing the parent of "orchestrating" the disturbing sexual statements that a small child  makes.  The case was relared to BBC and in 2007 nobody went public with their cases yet.  Another usual abusive tacktic was used: It was suggested that since I don't work in BBC - I am just jealous. Just like in Michael Jackson's cases.  Interestingly, the general public wouldnt ever recognise on the street the person who my daughter made discloses about.  Even body-language expert assessed my daughter and I.  Her "all clear" report that we both were speaking only the truth didnt stop the Discrimination and Abusive False Accusations.  At some point there were twenty two professionals involved in cross examining our family by every kind of professional assessment. Nothing was found accept confirmations time and time again that we weren't who the Abusive and suspicious accusations suggested we were.  At the end Children's Services departed with a statement that they couldn't justify their involvement anymore.

The abovementioned shouldn't have happened to us and it shouldnt be happening to anyone else.  This is why I want as many people as possible to sign this petition.





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