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We, the undersigned, herein crave your indulgence in the matter of the University of Ghana medical Centre (UGMC) whose first phase was inaugurated by former President John Dramani Mahama in November 2016.

During your January 7, 2017 inaugural address, you eloquently intimated how our early nationalists would be disappointed if they came today and saw the level of development we have achieved in sixty (60) years of independence. Quite recently, you reiterated your firm resolve to never compromise the health of the Ghanaian people. Whilst we laud the positive strides made towards the introduction of the Free Senior High School across the country, same cannot be said of the dormant University of Ghana medical centre especially when you said that you were not only in a hurry but you were coming with a supersonic speed.

Mr. President, the University of Ghana medical centre is a novel concept which is in tandem with the Ghanaian dream of Ghana Beyond Aid (GBA) and the attainment of Universal Health coverage. As such, we cannot continue to worship this medical centre in the full glare of a health system saddled with only fifty-five (55) functioning ambulances, increasing neonatal death, overcrowded hospitals and a rogue drug peddling cycle catalyzed by the inadequacy of healthcare centres across the country. More to the point, Ghana has an unpardonable patient to doctor, pharmacist and allied health science professionals ratio, which is at total variance with the standards set by the World health organization and should the prevailing conditions persist, it would be almost impossible for Ghana to ever attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Mr. President, it is commonplace for Ghanaians including our elected leaders to travel across the Atlantic Ocean in search of medical cure to their ailments. Also, our science based researchers in their daily pursuit of work tend to seek external support and end up losing their hard earned discoveries because of unfavorable outside collaborations. It is worth mentioning that the medical, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and the many other allied health science students affiliated to the already burdened Korle bu teaching hospitals travel to-and-fro whilst the medical centre remains unutilized in their own backyard.

Sir, unlike other healthcare providing centres, the University of Ghana medical centre brings on-board a critical medical care force, a medical training centre in addition to solid research which we critically need as a country and a strategic geographical accessibility site especially for our peculiar thick traffic situation in the capital city.

Mr. President, in view of the foregoing, we, the undersigned, know you to be a man of your words and we respectfully petition your reputable office to expedite action since the operation of the medical centre is in the national interest.