Boycott Seaworld

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SeaWorld is a horrible place for orcas, who endure stress, boredom, and depression in captivity. In the wild, orcas live in large social groups, spending their lives with their families. They're intelligent animals who are meant to swim up to 140 miles a day, but at SeaWorld, they're confined to tanks.

SeaWorld is a company whose first priority is making money, over $120 million in 2013. They use their animals to entertain the public at the expense of the lives of their animals. 

The trainers and people who personally work with the Orcas love the whales. Despite that, they cannot provide the quality of care as much as they want because SeaWorld does not focus on providing the Orcas with a healthy environment. 

Even though the shows we see look like the Orcas are well taken care of, here are some facts that prove otherwise:

• Orcas have been in captivity since 1961
• Since 1961, 204 Orcas have died in captivity
• 138 violent incidents have been recorded between orcas and humans
• 4 humans have been killed by Orcas in captivity
• Orcas swim 100 miles a day in the wild
• In captivity, they have the equivalent to the size of a bathtub to swim
• When the park is closed, Orcas are moved to a tank so small that they are not able to move
• The whales need Valium and Xanax because they are depressed and often suicidal
• A number of whales have killed themselves by suffocating themselves or beating themselves against the tank
• Estimated lifespan of a wild orca is 30-60 years
• Median age of an orca in captivity is 9 years