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Condemn State Sponsored Terrorism

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Both the United States and Israel routinely engage in acts of terrorism against suspected enemies. Often, these enemies are accused of terrorism, and the claim that these people are terrorists is used to justify assassination by missile fired from drones, target killings, or attacks by surrogates. The United States must stop this hypocrisy and return to principles of fairness, justice, and the rule of law.

The murder of scientist in Iran, launching missiles at suspected terrorists outside the battle field, and preemptive strikes against nuclear facilities in Arab countries should not be condoned by our Government. America is better than that or, at least, it once was.

The Government should condemn the killing of Iranian scientists as loudly as it would condemn the killing of American scientist, even though these murders are somehow viewed as contributing to the goal of preventing Iran from developing nuclear arms.

Allowing Israel or the U. S. military to engage in acts that would certainly be condemned as "terrorist attacks" if they were committed against the U. S. or Israel should be condemned even more strongly that the acts of terrorist organizations.

For a government to continue to be legitimate, that government should not resort to actions that it condemns in others.

Let's reignite the beacon of liberty and justice that this country once represented. Let's make our deeds reflect our core values. Let's restore the dignity and values of what was formerly a great country.

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