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Demand Impartial enquiry of Naliya, Kutch Gujarat Sex Racket

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The President of India,

 New Delhi



 Subject- Your Prompt Intervention is requested for the justice to Naliya gang rape and Sex- Racket Victims.





 We the concerned citizens   feel it is urgently warranted to draw your attention about the shameful Naliya gang rape and the sex racket in Gujarat for your prompt intervention and action to deliver justice to the victims.


  The Naliya gang rape and the sex racket has now created tremor in the state.  It is the saga of an unemployed young girl, seeking for the job, falls into the most monstrous sex racket operated by the people belonging to the ruling BJP party enjoying the impunity in Kutch district.  The victim is knocking the door for justice but doubt persists whether there will be at all impartial enquiry of the existing sex racket as very powerful, influential leaders, even elected representatives & leaders of the BJP party are   involved in this sex racket. So, the enquiry is moving sluggishly and direct - indirect measures are taken to vitiate the atmosphere against the victim in very dirtiest way.



  About The Naliya Incident:


  The Victim is a 19 years  ( as per FIR ) old young married woman , who  comes from Mumbai after the dispute with husband , followed by  Divorce to her parental home Kothara (  Naliya Taluka – Western part of Kutch)of Kutch district . She has explained in her FIR that she was in dire necessity of a job and approached the local man of Naliya, who happened to be a mobile shop owner who took him to a gas agency owner in Naliya. The gas agent assured her a job with a salary of Rs. 5500/. During Diwali the prime festival of Gujarat, the women asked the gas agent for half of the salary as advance money so that she can meet with immediate need for her house. The gas agent asked her to come to her residence to collect the money. Believing him she went to his house, he gave her Rs.3500/ (which was prearranged to send the family members away) and the agent requested her to take sarbat, which was intoxicated. As she fell unconscious she was gang raped by 3 men and photographed and video graphed. This was the end of her freedom and thus she was compelled to become a sex slave. She was handed to different persons and taken to different places, hotels, farm houses and fell prey to ten persons, who mostly belonged to ruling party BJP. She suffered a sexual exploitation by number of people for a long period. Feeling disgusted, she was on verge of suicide but saved by the husband. (She remarried to him from whom she took the divorce in Mumbai) She was encouraged by her husband to register a complaint against culprits. So she came  to Naliya to file the FIR against the culprits’ She has handed over the application to PSO on 12th January, that application was marked as received on 18th January & Police took 13 days to consider as a F.I.R. & took on record on 25th January as a gang rape. Victim has given application with cognizable and nonsalable crime within IPC Act.354,376,365,328,342 & 120 – B. This is serious crime and police can arrest prima facie  and registered FIR and need not take any instruction by the District ACP.It means Police has given enough time to culprits to save their skin .  

In her complain she alleged that she has been the victim of multiple gang rapes by ten males from August 2015. It is learnt that one Shashikant Solanki, the of BJP offered one Crore to the victim to remain silent. And with draw the FIR. The past life of the victim is raised as a dirty trick to kill the gang rape case.


 As per the version of the victim atleast 35 women are trapped in this sex racket and 65 persons are involved.   She also added that Deen Dawal Education workshop BJP identity cards were provided to 35 girls to gain access to BJP party functions. However 5 victims of the sex racket gathered some courage to come out openly.  But, they are yet to open their mouth.



Due to Public Pressure through Media Report, Government was compelled to form SIT & arrest was made of  Shantilal Solanki,Bharat Darji,Baba Sheth, Chetan and Ashwin Thakkar,Ajit Parumal,Vasant Bhanushali and Govind has been arrested. But one person Vipul Thakkar is absconding.


From the month of October- November 2016, the existing sex racket was the talk of the Naliya town and was flashed in the media. The Member of Parliament from Kutch Morbi Shri Vinod Chavda has announced in Press Conference that he had the information of this case since three months. What a shame & he did not act.  He failed to his obligation to help to punish the guilty. We think, he should be punished for this failure of his Public Responsibility


 Naliya Sex Racket is tips in iceberg


 The Naliya gang rape and Sex Racket is the tips in the iceberg only in Gujarat. For last so many years sexual crime in Gujarat is increasing day by day. It seems the rape has become the epidemic in Gujarat. It is worth to mention the Patan Gang Rape, Asaram sex crimes, Parul university sex crime etc., etc. In all these cases there is a common factor which is a matter of grave concern that the criminals always got the patronage of the ruling BJP party. They could be punished or in jails because of public protests. But there has always being attempts by the vested forces supporting each and every actions of ruling party to release a dirtiest campaign against the victims. The earlier crimes were of localised nature but the present exposed Naliya gang rape has busted the big sex Racket operating in the state under the tutelage of the ruling party. With advent of Liberalisation –privatisation- globalisation Naliya type of sexual Rackets are operating in the state to enhance business, investments, and MOUs.


Look at the Statistics of Crimes against women in Gujarat. Total 5,879 cases of crimes against women are registered. Total 472 cases of Rape are registered. In the district of Kutch, in last 6 months, the cases of rape is 11 7 the cases of Domestic Violence is 299. But, there is a possibility that there are many cases which are not being registered by Police under the political pressure. The women are becoming the worst victim of this Gujarat Model of development. In one hand there is slogan of Beti Bachao in the State and in reality sexploitation women is alarmingly rampant in various forms. We apprehend because of the economic hardship, growing unemployment of the larger section of the people in the society, there are all chances that women will fall victim of sex trade.


It is believed that Naliya like sex rackets are operating throughout Gujarat, taking advantages of the poverty of women and their unemployment. Once trapped in blackmail there is no choice but surrender to the wolves of sex exploiters being scared of social stigma of defame of her and her families. But these women however gathered courage to expose the racket for which now she is rightly called as the Nirbhaya of Naliya .Under this circumstances there are raising protest throughout the state.

 We citizens believe if the Naliya gang rape and sex racket if impartially enquired and the guilty are punished, it may expose the possibly other sex rackets operating in the state.


Under these circumstances, we the concerned citizens demand strict administrative measures to expose the whole racket and arrest the culprits without delay. If justice is eluded the victims will again would pushed to the darkness of silence and injustice. The people will loose the faith in the Govt. and the administration, which will have a wider repercussion.



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