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Thousands of students wrote the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) this year, an entrance examination in India, for students who wish to study any graduate medical course or postgraduate course in government or private medical colleges in India. Hoping that NEET would be a single window for admission into medical colleges, these students slogged for two whole years to clear the entrance. Apart from this, several students who were unable to secure a seat last year around took a year off to prepare just for this exam.

Prior to introduction of the NEET, the only criteria for admission into medical colleges was the 12th Board examination marks. The students from CBSE and ICSE were naturally at a disadvantage as opposed to the State syllabus students, as the difficulty level of CBSE/ICSE examinations was much higher than the state board examinations. The NEET seeks to provide a platform to all students to compete on the same footing. Further, sufficient notice and opportunity was given to the state syllabus students to equip themselves and prepare for the examinations. Every other state in India has accepted NEET and have admitted students into medical colleges based on the NEET score. Tamil Nadu is in no way different from the other States and must accept NEET scores.

The Central Government upon the immense pressure from the Tamil Nadu Government is planning on amending the Indian Medical Council Act by way of an Ordinance thereby seeking an exemption from NEET for the year 2017-18. This decision comes in direct contradiction to the Supreme Court judgment which held that any move to provide reservation to state syllabus students or exempt Tamil Nadu fro NEET was "unconstitutional" as it violates the fundamental right to equality.

The Ordinance is nothing but an eyewash move with a view to increase the vote base and presence of the BJP in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu cannot hold the Centre to ransom and bring in vote bank politics into matters concerning education.This move will only incentivise medical college admissions through the management quota, by paying huge donations to the management of the medical colleges.