Prevent Beaumont, Alberta from becoming a legitimized city

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Beaumont? A city? Not in my province! #NoBeau

Beaumont, Alberta is slated to become Alberta's 19th official city as of January 1st. We believe this is a severe misuse of the term "city", and many concerned Albertans have been vocal in their dissatisfaction with this decision.

Beaumont, Alberta represents an existential threat to the delicate balance of peace and order that exists in Alberta's social, economic, and political ecosystem. They speak in tongues - some kind of voodoo, devilish speak which both scares and concerns the listener. They don't even have a meme page actively representing them online. How could a legitimized city not even have a meme page?

Some issues with Beaumont that many Albertans face:

-46% chance to get your car keyed while parking there overnight
-Observing Beaumont on a map provokes nausea in what is estimated to be one quarter to one third of citizens that live in nearby areas, like Leduc and Edmonton
-They have an ugly church which I have to look at whenever I have the dissatisfaction of driving through Beaumont
-They do not have enough liquor stores per square kilometer to be truly registered as a city in Alberta (please observe nearby cities that meet this requirement, such as Leduc)
-The "Beau" in their name, when translated to English, implies that Beaumont is nice, beautiful, goodly, or otherwise aesthetically pleasing (false advertising)
-Significant portion of drug dealers I have ever done business with lived in Beaumont (drug problem)
-They exist in general

Think of your children. Sign our petition. Spread the message - #NoBeau.