Please support me in getting my dog returned from the Police

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Having returned from holiday on 27th of November we found our beloved family dog had been removed from her home, on the 16th of November. She has been taken to a police assessment centre for dogs.

Rolo is a rescue dog from Battersea and has lived with us now for four years and three months, she is now seven years old.

Apparently back in July 2018 a female delivery driver for Hermes complained about Rolo because she jumped up at her while she was making a delivery to our address, there was no dog bite involved.

my concern is according to the Police she did make a complaint until a month later in August. Yet it took them until the 16th of November to turn up at my home where my daughter was looking after Rolo and her seven month old daughter. Four Police officers and two Police cars, they took my daughter and interviewed her whilst under caution at the Police station.

PC Phil Clark on the day Rolo was seized input on the Met Police Twitter site that “This morning we executed a warrant for a dog seizure under the dangerous dogs act. A Staffie has been seized for behavioural assessment”. He added “This one was a softy.  I hope she will be home soon. I’ve requested that they speed up the assessment as she is a very anxious dog”

It should also be noted that at the time of the seizure police were informed that Rolo was a rescue dog from Battersea Dogs Home, who are not allowed to re-home an aggressive dog.

I spent this morning at the Police station trying to find out what’s happening to Rolo, they stated they could not tell me where she was or how she is coping. I requested to know when I could expect an update and have been told they won’t give me that information and it could take a month. I asked if somebody could contact me from the assessment centre, again I have had no response.

i need your support please so I am able to put some pressure on the Police to deal with this case and take into account our family suffering, I know Rolo will not be coping well and we want her returned home today!

please help us. Thank you for taking the time to read this.